The "Street Fighter V champion edition" the new character which carries the future of Street Fighter at the end of November, 2021 "rook" was delivered, and by which the playable character of everything enacted all scenesnBecause there is also a performance-like part after all characters become practicable for a fight game, now strikes, even if V history is called hot timing number 1, it wouldn't be exaggerated.nBecause the person who wasn't playing so far is the reason if it's now, for which the character of everything can be used from the beginning, too, it's also good for beginning newly, isn't it?nAnd when saying strike V inclusion and a fight game, a bodily injury competition and that are also the stage where a meet is hottest and rises.nIt's strike V which is also elected by the main tournament title of the festival of the biggest fight game in the world it's expected to hold in August, 2022 "Evo 2022", but when saying strike V, it'll be that meet of the Capcom formula.nCPT is also held this year of course! The meet outline of "CAPCOM Pro Tour 2022" was opening to the public!

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