The DEBIRUSAMANASHIRIZU latest model of ATLUS it's expected to sell on Thursday on August 25, 2022 "SOURUHAKKAZU 2"nThen a Atlus formal YouTube channel "atlustube" is followed, and "daily publication and future prediction of apple and a devil" are renewed, so a little previous sale date is to check it every day and if I notice, seems to be the situation as there right now, doesn't it?nCharacter PV in SAMANA in YATAGARASU which is Motosaku's main character "allo cormorant" exhibited the other day as well as that, and such as a character page was exhibited to a official site, a new movement was being also shown, but SAMANAZUGAIDO Vol.1 was exhibited on Tuesday on March 29, 2022, and new information was opening to the public!

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