"REALFORCE" series of a keyboard and Topre of the Japanese quality loved by a programmer of all over the world and an engineer.nThere are also a lot of regular users in writer inclusion and funglr Games editorial staff, and dakenoto in REALFORCE is also resonating in the editorial staff even today.nWhen it's judged from the average price of the keyboard, it's rather proud price-setting, but the switch of the capacitance nothingness point of arrangement system is adopted, so though writer's strong REALFORCE in daken is a player for 10 years, these sentences are being Also input vigorously today.nBecause only that's a high-performance keyboard, a gaming keyboard is also sold of course.nREALFORCE is dealing with a "REALFORCE RGB" series equipped with an LED and a keyboard of a e sports device of Konami "ARESPEAR" "ARESPEAR K100F" "ARESPEAR K100L", and if, its ability is also guaranteed by a e sports scene, isn' t it?n"REALFORCE RGB" a series and "ARESPEAR K100F" "ARESPEAR K100L" are also a wonderful product, but it should become little and be many people who would like to use favorite REALFORCE which is being used current as of now by the gaming specification, too for the choices in lining way no matter what.nThe keycap which colors REALRORCE fashionably for everyone such was sale!

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