2022, soon, April. This year's 1/4 tries to end already, doesn't it?nIt'll be the new year from April, so the person who makes a new life start will be very busy in a move and preparations and everyone on the side school and a company accept is serious time, too.nWhen saying that you give me energy when having to exert oneself only a little more even if I'm tired, it's an energy drink, isn't it?nA large number of manufacturers are selling a large number of kinds of ENADORI really for modern society in ENADORI warlike ages and, a flavor of quantity limitation is sold in respective ENADORI, and if, everyone of a ENADORI fancier chooses, and it's the extraordinary situation .nPioneer-like existence in ENADORI world in Japan "red bull" was also selling various quantity limitation flavors, but even if it's liked, therefore "quantity limitation" disappears sometime.nIt was regretted, but the "red bull energy drink purple edition" very popular in recent years was an announcement to restore this time in the quantity limitation flavor across which I have not come any more!

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