The popular character of Sega Enterprises loved at the whole world "the sonic hedgehog"nMomentum meets 30th anniversary of birth in 2021, and is rushed into the condition in the 31st. Key message "Project Sonic `22" in 2022 is released for the following 30 years, and it's taking a various turn away.nOpening to the public in Japan decided the series perfect new design by which the one which is also watched in particular at the inside schedules sale for winter in 2022 "sonic frontier" on Friday, August 19, 2022, "the sonic movie/sonic VS NAKKURUZU"?n"Tales" of the popular character on which I appeared with CHIRA by a previous work are the continuation of "the sonic movie" which became a big hit, and appear in earnest and also call "NAKKURUZU" where I'm a rival appearance, from an announcement the time, big, a watched work.nXbox announced a collaboration item prior to such opening to the public of "the sonic movie/sonic VS NAKKURUZU"..., it's the design with the impact easily!

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