The first [an artist, official recognition] musical rhythm game it became expected to release on Friday on February 25, 2022 "EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK" (abbreviation EXTAV)nThe person who says release postponement of the release due date day and thinks anxiously wasn't little, either, and I was here, but because YOSHIKI concerned in SNS, it was the special situation that I often say as "in assumption".nEven if I entered so, a renewal also stopped on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 reporting the status in formal Twitter (@extav_official), and I didn't know the situation any more and it was slightly, but disquieting air was flowing.nThe situation Twitter is renewed on Saturday on March 12, 2022 during such, and that guidance on a clear starting service day can't be done but, there is a report that I came to cancellation mostly about a defect, and I'm relieved relieved.nSoon, during, it's said that there is a report of some, when I'm waiting pleasantly, an animation opens it more than 20:00 on Friday on March 18, 2022!nNew information became clear including progress!

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