The "memory as which a delivery day of an additional story DLC "Seiji Umifuji's charge sheet" decided on Monday, March 28, 2022 by which LOST JUDGMENT: isn't judgednBy taking place in Kamurocho after an event of "the memory by which LOST JUDGMENT: isn't judged", if, while a TA bou fact main character "Takayuki Yagami" is absent by a done story, Mr. Umifuji will be the contents by which a fact "Seiji Umifuji" busies itself with an event solution.nA jam will operate Mr. Umifuji, when the peace in Kamurocho is considered, it's inevitable to be able to pick wrong fight.nBecause stylish Yagami is Mr. Umifuji who showed the action the true reverse was bold and by which has the Han intension when it was NPC, by the good meaning, when operating by oneself, the people who worry about what kind of scuffle I can get into will be a lot of things, too.nMr. Umifuji's battle style was to such everyone's advantage with opening to the public prior to a delivery!

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