Most people possess smart phone and have an account of some's SNS and animation delivery service now.nA picture is the cleanest and the one which prepares steady camera and microphone, arranges the environment and delivers it can also deliver sound clearly, but it's serious to prepare only that environment.nIt's difficult to deliver a live delivery at outdoor of a chat delivery and town walk to that by such environment by the delivery which is while being casual and moving, isn't it?nThe performance of the smart phone improves very much recently, so even an animation delivery with a camera of smart phone is very clean, and a little picture of hand Bret can be taken, but a problem is sound.nWhen a microphone of smart phone is used, the distance doesn't become fixed, so looseness goes out to the volume and there are many deliveries for which the environment sound is also difficult to hear by entering rolling.nMike who picks only sound up then shouldn't be prepared!nFitting lavaliere microphone appeared on a casual delivery from Razer by saying so!

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