The "Lego super Mario" who was sold at the whole world in August, 2020, and attracted attention of a Lego fan in the whole world steadily, and became a big hitnKINOPIO including Kuppa, YOSSHI and the world of an expansion kit and Mario which can reproduce Mario's course by a game in the chestnut baud and the characters which appear on Mario of saw saw and all that are the pleasure which appears in immediateness.nThey're the sensor which reads the way and the color and "Lego Mario" by whom the loudspeaker down which music and a sound effect float and the screen in which a picture is reflected are equipped with to become the linchpin.nYou may probably say that it doesn't start when there is no "Lego Mario" who shows various reactions according to the course.n"Lego Luigi" is sold by "Lego Mario" and July, 2021 at the time of sale in August, 2020, but my new company joins.nIf I come with Mario and Luigi, a peach princess as well as the next are Lego and are appearing!

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