While home time is increasing in influence of new-style coronavirus infection expansion, there are a lot of people who say that time to compare and play a game so far increased, aren't there?nThe person who was the side where the real condition delivery of a game is being seen up to now simultaneously with that, "One may be able to do, too....", there is a person who became a popular delivery person including the real condition delivery, too, isn't there?nWhen cooperating with an account of delivered animation delivery service, a delivery by the function to be equipped with by a game machine is the time which can be done easily by 1 button, but when it'll be the delivery for which a camera and a microphone were used, something necessary is increasing variously machinery and materials and setting.nIt's an audio blender that it can also be said a necessity at the inside.nEveryone of an audience becomes very easy to catch by adjusting a balance of sound of a microphone and sound during a game, so you may probably say a part directly connected with the quality of the delivery.nAnalog, digital and various blenders are sold from various manufacturers, but when "Razer" of a long-established store gaming device manufacturer deals, it'll be so.n"Razer Audio Mixer" but it was announced!

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