"A blade, tusk" series of Mr. Keisuke Itagaki who can say a Bible of all boys up to now since serialization starting of "GURAPPURA blade tusk" in 1991.nThe event which meets a 30th anniversary of series in September, 2021, and is various, holding is held.nThat "serialization 30th anniversary commemoration The ground strongest blade tusk exhibition! in Tokyo Dome city" is holding it in the Tokyo Dome City "Gallery AaMo" at present in March, 2022, it is!nIt's the exhibition which has only no highlights, but the size of original achieved in cloud funding "underground competition place" is too must-see.nA period, Sunday, April 17, 2022 and even, it is, so please visit by all means!nAn event and the item by which of course is commemoration 30th anniversary are often sold.nI introduced the sake which also made "model horse Yujiro" a motif before in funglr Games "onihetsubousake - OGA,-", by which an online store of the liquor treating "onihetsubousake - OGA,-" "KURAND" released sake of new blade tusk collaboration!

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