The dragon which is sold on Friday on September 24, 2021, and is big-grossing, the 2nd authentic legal suspense action a jo KU studio presents "the memory by which LOST JUDGMENT: isn't judged"nThe detective Mr. Takuya Kimura performs "Takayuki Yagami" busies himself by taking place in Yokohama and Isezaki foreigner street as well as Tokyo and Kamurocho.nMore "Youth dramas" which say that the high school is made a stage under Motosaku and interchange with students of a high school are also very attractive. The form of "Takayuki Yagami" that I challenge various things is must-see by the various meaning !nOn the nature of the game and the one the game contents are quite able to finger are difficult, so please play by all means by all means!nSuch, but the various DLCs which can enjoy more games are selling the "memory by which LOST JUDGMENT: isn't judged.nThe most was delivered already, but a delivery of the additional story which makes "Seiji Umifuji" who can say an eye a main character was 2022 and was in the state of the subsequent report waiting.nHalf year was going to pass by and by from sale and when it was expected whether there was a movement by and by, a delivery day was a decision at last!

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