"Puzzle and amp; Dragons" and common name "PAZUDORA" of the cancer hoe into which 10th anniversary of starting service was received on Sunday, February 20, 2022n"PAZUDORA 10th anniversary commemoration event" is in progress at present, and that I'm planning variously unreasonably, it is.nA great deal of ROGUBO is also presented away, so the person who was being busy and was overlooking will log in first!nDon't you forget that very wonderful information was announced by the formal broadcast-"PAZUDORA 10th anniversary commemoration live broadcast" which was also delivered to all except for "PAZUDORA 10th anniversary commemoration event" on Saturday on February 19, 2022-?nImplementation of the 2nd version of held "Dragon Quest Big adventure of a die" collaboration is drawing near from August, 2021!

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