"Momotarou electric railroad-Showa Heisei rei wa is also a basic!-" (below peach iron) of Konami which still keeps increasing the sales beyond 3,000,000 total sales numbersnWithout asking about men and women of all ages, when I play, plainness everyone can play easily and between the magnates are the profundity which the reliable strategy is being also needed and are the title which can play happily lengthily.nThe relationship will be the title which also fits to play with the person who became good now by a new life in spring, but... a crack is by the level I don't enter first in friendship.nIt's familiar even to call peach iron the big-grossing title and collaborate variously.nA heroine "a peach, stay here, clover Z" appears on peach iron on that weekend at the Christmas the download cord which knows the appearance of the train in the game comes with a magazine, and a linear stamp collaborates with Daimaru department store, and sells it, and which is 2021, and if, widely, I was collaborating luxuriously.nPeach black collaboration has ended "peach iron GP 2021 winter", but I'm continuing to an update the next season, so being no regrets, I'll play away!nSuch, he collaborates and it's peach iron of rolling, but the collaboration partner it'll be next is a restaurant.nCollaboration with the very popular revolving sushi chain which develops in the whole country "sushi rho" decided!

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