Roeg light core action game which sells it at Nintendo Switch and Steam on Thursday, September 16, 2021, and is big-grossing "METALLIC CHILD" (metallic child)nHe also looks down upon HAKUSURA sense and there is exhilarating feeling for the action the style is easy to play with which and a main character "RONA" is cute above all!nRecommendation says that the price is also very reasonable for the quality's being also high, and is the title I'd like to do very much.nBut such "METALLIC CHILD" is released by information about a DLC by a large update already, and it's that collaboration with "SAKUNAHIME in a heaven head" that even the inside is watched.nCollaboration was announced before sale and formal Twitter (@Metallic_Child) had begun to exhibit a picture from the end of 2021, so when I thought as*.. by and by, details of collaboration were an announcement at last!

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