The pay service for Nintendo Switch when I join, you can play now on-line and it's possible to play a subscriber limitation privilege and subscriber limitation software with which "Nintendo Switch Online"nService addition of "+ additional pack" of a new plan thinks recently it's after a long time "MOTHER" was added to "video game Nintendo Switch Online" and that "MOTHER2 Counterattack of GIGU" was added to "Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Switch Online" mainly, doesn't it?nEven if I say so, a subscriber limitation event like "simultaneous trial" and subscriber limitation software as "Tetris 99" and "PAC-MAN 99" are also quite enriched, so it's the god service which is to the extent 2400 yen (including tax) seems exceptional, by a for 12 months of personal plan.nBut that place is Nintendo which considers the user.nNew service "mission and gift" appeared from Tuesday, March 1, 2022!

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