Very popular RPG "persona" series of ATLUS where much pleasure is proceeding with about 1 year as "PERSONA 25th Anniversary YEAR" from September, 2021 to autumn in 2022.nI'll deliver the latest information of 25th anniversary of ikkyo delivery of an animation series, sale of a new goods and persona series to which holding etc. of a concert and a collaboration event has been delivered twice up to now, announcement & is put into effect one after another by "a 25th of persona, Times".nDuring cutting down the sale of "persona 4 The Al tea Max Co. Ultra suplex hold" which became an announcement in last Vol.2 on Thursday, March 17, 2022, "a 25th of persona, Times Vol.3" delivers it on Monday, February 28, 2022!nHolding of an eye event of a 25th of persona was an announcement!

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