Festival of the biggest fight game in the world "The Evolution Championship Series"nBut "Evo" held as a large-scale off-line meeting in Las Vegas is on-line in 2020 by influence of new-style coronavirus infection expansion until 2019, holding, I plan, it's canceled by miscellaneous circumstances.nEvo is bribed jointly with RTS which carries on Sony interactive entertainment and e sports business in 2021. "Evo 2021" is begun and many On-line events are put into effect, if, a new movement is being shown.nWhile the trend of "Evo" in 2022 was watched, and I was here, it was announced to announce "Evo 2022" to 17:00 (Japan time March 9 10:00) in formal Twitch on Tuesday, March 8 in PST 2022 in formal Twitter (@EVO).nBut it was announced beforehand that "great scuffle smash brothers" aren't employed by "Evo 2022" as a series.

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