2022, soon, March.nIt's also ended in fiscal year 2021 and preparations for the new year and a busy day from April are doing, so the moment I feel like receiving energy when will be to be increased.nENADORI of various flavors is sold from various manufacturers by modern society in ENADORI warlike ages, and when a period limitation flavor is included, indeed it's in the election extraordinary state.nThe emperor "monster energy" by which it's ENADORI world that a movement is quiet recently while many new flavors are soldnThe "monster super fuel" sold in August, 2021 is last for a new product and, recurring, with the selling point of by it's last that "monster Rossi" was added to the basic flavor in October, 2021.nOther 2 months are also going to pass in 2022, so whether any new flavors appear by and by, when it was watched, the 1st new flavor in 2022 of looking forward to was an announcement!

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