The next generation type PlayStation the work in topics cuts down before sale and sale one after another "PlayStation 5"nI call in February, 2022-in March, and that PlayStation Presents "PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!" is also opening it in sequence, the masterpiece title I'd like to play in PS5 which is and takes pride in the overwhelming machine power is introduced one after another.nThe "Ghostwire: Tokyo" which cuts down sale on Friday, March 25, 2022 is pleasant and inevitable personally.nIt'll be "PlayStation VR2" which is new-style PS VR for PS5 that you may say that a subsequent report is waited for most by news of such PS5.n"PlayStation VR2" the shape of "PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller" which is an exclusive controller up to now is exhibited, and a product page is exhibited and by which the part of the way has been revealed, but the last design was opening to the public at last!

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