"NieR:Automata" which was sold on February 23, 2017 and broke through 6,000,000 of whole world total shipment and download sales numbernIt's a solid story, the attractive character and a unique and refreshing game and is the super-famous story action RPG by which the person who begins play in a new shelf at the whole world and the person who keeps playing repeatedly don't still leave the back.nThe live broadcast which will commemorate 5th anniversary of such sale of "NieR:Automata" and celebrate 5th anniversary of "NieR:Automata" loosely in February 23, 2022 (water and shuku) broadcasts. Information etc. of a new design of the former history of "NieR:Automata", inside story and the "Voice of Cards" series and SQUARE ENIXx platinum games "BABYLON'S FALL" is loose, if, it was a broadcast of an information variety very much, saying, wasn't 't it?nIt was only information on big attention, but the marvelous information which is most was an announcement at the end of a broadcast!nWhat did animation of "NieR:Automata" decide!

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