"Pocket Monsters Red and green" are "Pokemon Day" which commemorated sold one and got approval of a Japanese anniversary society on February 27.nEveryone of a Pokemon trainer in the whole world, Pokemon love, there is also an announcement which is the day when you explode and is big every year, 1 day which can't be overlooked.nThen "Pocket Monsters brilliant diamond shining pearl" big-grossing at present "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" announces "Pokemon Presents" where it was opened in "Pokemon Day" in 2021 last year, and if, it rose very much, didn't it?n"Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" it's early that time has passed for 1 year to try to pass from that... even if I say but that it has been just still sold.nBut "Pokemon Day" where it's also attention what kind of announcement there was also this year was a work related to Pokemon for the day, and the event which commemorated "Pokemon Day" every day was an announcement to be held!

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