Everyone has played the person who has SUMAHO sometime and when saying SUMAHOGEMU most people keep playing, they're "puzzle and amp; Dragons" and usual "PAZUDORA" of a cancer hoe.nIt's the title which completed 1 genre as "PAZUDORA" so that it isn't exaggerated even if the explanation is called an unnecessary game already, but it'll be 10th anniversary of starting service on Sunday, February 20, 2022! I congratulate it really!nThough the thing which can keep migrating to chief wearing as 10 years and giving the service in the world of intense SUMAHOGEMU replaced is an unexpected thing, the great achievement which keeps towing SUMAHOGEMU world for 10 years will be accomplished, and it's also the title which is being continued now, isn't it?nThat such "PAZUDORA" met 10th anniversary, because it's a reason, ordinary, "I congratulate it 10th anniversary,-", then it doesn't end!nA great deal of events are held away "A PAZUDORA 10th anniversary commemoration event!

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