The series latest model "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)" sells it at last. The fight game world will be overwhelmed right away, won't it?nI'm playing from access early by funglr Games editorial staff, because I'm also here from the sale time 39 characters, still, in the character search.nThere is also chemistry with the play style, so there is strong point weakness, but every character is original and I'm happy because I'm playing.nKOF XV is also the best, but the action RPG by which DO in KOF can enjoy a flashy skill action "KOF ALLSTAR" is also never supposed to forget smart phone.nIt's also charm that a large number of characters such as female body-ization of the popular character and the collaboration with other works appear at time as well as the successive generations characters of SNK.nSuch "KOF ALLSTAR" went with an announcement of the collaboration partner who hold it in March..., a crossover of a legend comes again!

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