A 25th anniversary of persona series is rushed into Year from September, 2021, and the "a goddess, transmigrating" series latest model of looking forward to "Makoto and goddess transmigration V" is sold in November, 2021, and that it's big-grossing , ATLUS transferring the bird which flies by lost momentum.nThere are too much wonderful topics as a writer of an ATLUS fan, and tension is nervous.nA persona series is also so, there is a lot of something of the genealogy of "truth and goddess transmigration", and much of an RPG series of ATLUS is the respective series popularity..., there is also something which has some time from the last work.nA "DEBIRUSAMANA" series was PS2 in it, and the new design since "DEBIRUSAMANA Kuzuba lie dough vs. the aba dong best" sold in 2008 wasn't sold, and the fan looking forward to a continuation gave up little, too, and it was a mode, but I come here, and it's a new movement suddenly!nA count down site and a Twitter account with a name of "SOURUHAKKAZU" which takes pride in its outstanding popularity were exhibited in the series!

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