The KOF series latest model of SNK "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)"nAccess becomes possible by Deluxe Edition buyer of a digital edition early from Monday, February 14, 2022, and many people play already, and its amusement is acclaimed, isn't it?nEven funglr Games is being an individual, buys Deluxe Edition at an editorial staff and is playing by access early of course.nPrevious work KOF XIV was also quite fascinating, but there are more sophisticated impressions for a work now, aren't there? I think an attack increases in the exhilarating feeling when making a hit, in particular.nSuch KOF XV was formal sale at last on Thursday, February 17, 2022!nWhen the person who usually bought a plate and a package plate is entering the war, too, an On-line confrontation will be that I'm intensifying increasingly! If it's begun, it's now!nIt was as well as game this chapter, but the illustration contest which commemorated sale of KOF XV was holding also to rise at a place by all except for a game!

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