The "Fight of" series latest model Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter sends to the world "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior"nA fight game of existence has the peculiar feature in attack method and a knockdown technique every each character, and it's ordinary to choose the character according to the usability and the partner.nBut "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" then, it's said to be the completely new fight game which can produce only its fight style by combining and changing "military art memory chip" and is watched from all over the world.n"Military art memory chip" is also a very characteristic system, but "Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior" is the quite unique system that a movement and a basic skill also change with the same character by then there is a system as a basic aggressive style "stance", and what to choose.nI'd like to introduce 4 "stances" announced up to now!

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