1 of very important elements is a sound in the game, isn't it?nThe BGM which produces the atmosphere from a sound effect of power. The small environment sound etc. expresses a worldview of a game and game play is often influenced by sound.nIt's the one of the fact nose from which you came to play good sound then, but various elements are connected with the form of the data which is originally, the capacity, the performance of the sound card of a PC and a game machine and the performance of the revival equipment of an amplifier and a loudspeaker, so the sound is quite difficult for a definition of "good sound", isn't it?nEven whether more quality of the cable and amplifier are used there is changing, so if I begin to be particular, there are no paulownias and whether it's a cost, too happens to be.nThen when I say whether "good sound" can be pursued when I don't have knowledge with money, there are no such things! It's just connected and there is an item the sound quality raises!nA gaming outside bill USB card "SC1" was sold from the Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer to which even a mouse without meat is familiar "Xtrfy"!

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