The "Pocket Monsters" series while the series latest model "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" was big-grossing, even if "a brilliant diamond/shining pearl" also passed for about 3 months from sale, sale kept selling, and was last year.nSaying a new game about "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu", and before selling it, there seems to have been a person who holds the anxiety which is slightly, too, well, when I sell and play it, a fascinating one is a wonderful place by the Pokemon tightly.nDoes everyone remember the special music video to which a previous work of such Pokemon series "Pocket Monsters Sword shield" was exhibited during a smash hit "GOTCHA!"? Is it seen rather even now?nDrawing taking music of BUMP OF CHICKEN "acacia" and geki EMO, everyone of the Pokemon trainer who grasped a heart steadily in combination of a picture flooded the whole world.nThe live broadcasting which would be able to listen to a famous tune "acacia" for draft beer "BUMP OF CHICKEN LIVE 2022 Silver Jubilee at Makuhari Messe 02/10-11" was planning to hold it on Thursday, February 10, 2022 and February 11, 2022 (money and shuku), but it has become postponed by influence of new-style coronavirus infection expansion.nIt's regrettable, but when I think I'll expect and wait holding by the situation that you can enjoy yourself surely by everyone, postponement is wonderful news.nCatalog selling of an additional item of Silver Jubilee GOODS where sale was scheduled at a live meeting place decided!nA Pokemon collaboration item is also in it!

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