The bean jam limited performance energy though even the inside in ENADORI world was new power, which sold a large number of flavors, and became 1 of top brands in ENADORI world suddenly "ZONe"nEnergy is given to people in all directions such as "QUICK BOOST" of the short can type of the 240ml as well as the joy which can be chosen from large volume of 500ml and various flavors and "ENERGY GEAR" of Jell-O-type away.nZONe, various contents and artist, it's familiar even to collaborate, but it's collaboration with the power contents Cygames handles "my horse daughter The pretty Derby" also to become a big topic at the inside, isn't it?nThe 1st promotion is started horse daughter collaboration already, but it'll be a collaboration flavor "ZONe TOUGHNESS (zone Toughness)" that it can be said the eye which is most.nWhile the 1st version of sale with the design was drawing near on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, an ingredient of "ZONe TOUGHNESS" was exhibited by a official site!

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