The other day "corporation GENDA SEGA Entertainment" changes the company's name to "corporation GENDA GiGO Entertainment".n"SEGA" it was announced that the store in a penny arcade of the brand is being changed to "GiGO" in order, and it was a big topic.nI play with a friend as well as a game fan, and I date, and if, because I dropped in to play a UFO catcher when I laid eyes on a logo of "SEGA" when saying, there is very deserted expectation, isn' t there?nEven if it'll be "GiGO" of course, I go out to play continuously, a worrisome one, "fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste of Sega Enterprises"nThe unique shape you filled a stomach at the intervals when I'm playing and that I collaborated with a logo of SEGA, a Mega Drive pad and various works.nBecause it's good and is a fun store, the taste of the various limitations is going to be interested in what happens.Will it be "fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste from GiGO"?nAssume that I wait for a subsequent report per there, and announce the collaboration by which the "fish-shaped pancake stuffed with sweet red bean paste of" Sega Enterprises on which you have collaborated with various works is freshened, oh, it was done!nA dangerous lion and collaboration in the specter world where the television animation is also very popular at present!

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