The e sports event the ctc Chubu Telecommunication corporations familiar by the "KOMYUFA light" to which the high-speed internet is offered at 5 prefecture central part hold "KOMYUFAKAAPPU"nThe entry of "the 7th time KOMYUFAKAAPPU-central 5 prefecture APEX LEGENDS strongest play-off-" by which a preliminary starts at Thursday, March 3, 2022 the other day will be that everyone who has started and has finished entry is always polishing an arm.nOf the 7th time, I enter, but held semifinal of "the 6th time KOMYUFAKAAPPU-Featuring PUBG: NEW STATE-" and final game stage are drawing near on Saturday, February 12, 2022 from the end of 2021!nBecause it's the latest model which has just begun to give the service in Japan in November, 2021, is "PUBG: NEW STATE" by the title by which you tend to think "Would you like even to begin now?" in the play title adopted in KOMYUFAKAAPPU?nWhen I want you to begin casually by all means by all means, I'd like to make the voice big and say, talk of the person that's used to playing game to the end, and who also participates in a meet.nWhen they aren't good, the person who doesn't have that he participated in a meet up to now thinks you aren't supposed to participate in a meet, right?nBut! There are no such things! Everyone may participate!nMr. SHERU also holds a meet only an acquaintance by the real condition of KOMYUFAKAPPU to support everyone such!

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