The KOF series latest model of SNK where it can be said I also entered in February in 2022 and that entered KAUNDODAUN until sale on Thursday on the 17th "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)"n39 characters of early stage entry into the war and 13 teams, opening to the public and published sale, I wait, and, such as an introduction trailer of a DLC costume of a purchase privilege "gaookami MotW, Terry" and a DLC costume of a digital edition limitation privilege "CLASSIC LEONA" will be opening to the public early when I think, you keep raising the expectation value until sale, right? The SNK! which are we indeednBecause a trailer of a privilege had been even exhibited, I thought they kept waiting for the sale which would have no new information any more indeed, but you aren't supposed to think SNK a soft touch!nThe contents of the pay DLC which will be delivered to that it's before game this chapter sale later were opening to the public!

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