January which is 2022 if I think a new year has just only begun last time, already, the end. It's early that time passes, isn't it?nI think because he'll be overcome later when he skips from January, the person who thinks it's said that they're serious in February is here, too, but the title suitable to make it play and the KOF series latest model of SNK " THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (the king of and Fighters 15)" are serious, and they're on sale on Thursday, February 17.nA privilege was also prepared KOF XV variously besides the SNK online shop limited edition, but an introduction trailer of a DLC costume of a purchase privilege "gaookami MotW, Terry" was opening to the public early the other day. Terry who is an adult is cool.nIf a trailer of "gaookami MotW, Terry" was exhibited, it's impossible for another privilege not to be introduced, isn't it?nAn introduction trailer of a DLC costume of a digital edition limitation privilege "CLASSIC LEONA" was opening to the public!

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