"Tamagocchi" into which 25th anniversary was received in November, 2021nMany new products commemorate shuunen, and are sold, but a popular one is also small and is the "Tamagotchi nano" series set to a colon at the inside.n"PUIPUI mole car" "Star Wars" "magic kaisen" a collaboration model with various works is a topic etc., too, and collaboration with "sword wild dance" has been just announced the other day, but it's a collaboration model of " blade of onimetsu" "texture horn Tamagocchi" that I became the topic of conversation most as expected, isn't it?nThe "be grieved, UTCHI" "NEZU, this" "putting went along, TCHI" color was being sold as the 1st version and the color by which the "ZENITSUTCHI" "INOSUKETCHI" colors are for 9 "pillars" as "pillar concentration edition" as the 3rd version was being sold as the 2nd version, but sale of the 4th version decided!n"Texture horn Tamagocchi" like a television animation, I burst into "the red-light district volume"!

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