Using a supermarket, a convenience store and the space where a drink corner in a store is enough for drugstore etc., developed energy drink.nThere are also a lot of stores ENADORIKONA establishes like an outline in one corner in a department at a discount store of a certain penguin, and only that's the reason to which you say much kind of ENADORI is sold, and that much is in demand only that, right?nPioneer-like existence in Japan is "red bull" in ENADORI where I have.nThe large-volume 473ml size was selling an ingredient just as it is the other day, but has everyone already received a big wing? It'll be keeping growing wing throughout the day in 1, so by all means!nA basic flavor is also a good red bull, but a unique flavor of the quantity limitation sold irregularly is also charm.nWhen it was expected what kind of flavor was published this year, sale of a quantity limitation flavor of the first red bull decided in 2022!

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