The Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer which keeps producing high-end e sports equipment beyond a gaming device "Xtrfy (Aix chicken fi)"nThe light-weight mouse without meat by which the body has a hole "M4" "M42" "MZ1" is the product which can also be called a pronoun of a manufacturer, isn't it?nOther manufacturers are also selling the mouse which makes a hole in the body and has reduced the weight of it, when I say a mouse of this appearance, Xtrfy, there would be a lot of people who remember, too.nIt was very popular and was a mouse without meat of Xtrfy where I have a lot of users, too, but the former line-up was only a wired model.nEveryone who was hesitated with*.. because he was interested, but it was a wireless party, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!nA wireless model appears on very popular "M4"! Even Japan is sold!

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