If I think 2022 started, at the end of January also approaches.nThe end of the month beginning of the month becomes absolutely busy and a working person thinks everyone of a student preparing for taking an examination is time of the last spurt really.nWhen saying the existence which gives energy when soon needing making one effort, it's an energy drink.nBecause it was modern society in ENADORI warlike ages, each manufacturer was selling various goods and an energy drink of various flavors and combined the almost all caffeine.nCombination of caffeine with an awakening action and the sugar which is the energy with the immediate effect gives me power, which are absorption, attention is needed to do too much, but... I often drink carelessly.nIt's familiar by triple 0 of a caffeine zero, a calorie zero and a saccharide zero and is "RAIZIN" of Taisho Pharmaceutical that you can also drink surely at such time.nBut "RAIZIN" where I had no sale of a new flavor for long sold a new flavor "RAIZIN TROPICAL CRUSH"!

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