Well-received is being sold by PS4, PS5 and Steam. "GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-" of arc system Works by which well-received is working at an arcadenIt was made the target of a sale at the end of 2021, so is the person who has entered the war from the end of the year and has closed a hammer to the hilt little, too?nAn On-line meeting was often also held and entry of "ARCREVO Japan & Korea 2021" has also started from Monday, January 24, 2022, so it seems to rise increasingly, doesn't it?n3 characters of the important leaving location are delivered to "Lewis Gold = Dickinson" "Jack and O" "Kay Happy male" and a story mode additionally in 2021, and you're making the depth last in a confrontation more by a unique battle style respectively.nIt's announced that it's delivered to an announcement and January, 2022 that the additional character it'll be in December, 2021 next is "umeken" where even a series takes pride in its outstanding popularity.nJanuary also was left and was 1 week and when it was expected whether information was an announcement by and by, a delivery day decided at last!

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