Today is a gaming or general gaming-ization age which is to the extent I can think there may be nothing which isn't done, by the world as well as the device used for a game.nI don't have that there is also nothing rude to make them light and introduce oneself as "gaming◯◯" for now, but there is a lot of something high-performance for a device basically and gamer's convenience is considered by furniture, and a food from ENADORI and a drink are an ingredient for a gamer using concentration.nIt's the part where it's very important to shine of course, so it's the order I'll also want to make light one after another with future!nA food manufacturer is producing and is selling it, but there is also something a gaming device manufacturer is handling like "RESPAWN" in Razer, and much of foods for gamers and a drink is watched.n"ZOTAC" where high-performance parts, a small PC and the backpack type PCs for VR which can be shouldered are dealing with an innovative product also dealt with a food for gamers.nWorld's first "gaming peanut butter" is appearance!

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