When many Samurai movies including "rowdy general", a drama, a movie and dramatic etc. are called 1 person of the actor who represents Japan who performs a star of a large number of works, Mr. Ken Matsudaira (below Mr. special) .nIt's also fresh in memory that you appeared on the 72nd "time NHK White and Red Song Contest" at the end of 2021 as a special quota, showed that famous tune "pine Ken samba II" and gave me vigor all Japan, right?nVarious activity as well as acting business and a singer industry are being done, I'm Mr. special, but I'm explaining the Youtube channel "pine Ken Tube" from 2020 and am challenging variously. You're happy that formal MV of music can also see, right?nBut the animation which can't be overlooked as a gamer this time exhibited a greeting from Mr. Ue renewed in 2022, "pine Ken samba III" and renewed "pine Ken Tube".nSurprisingly, Mr. special appears on that hunting action!

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