The hunting action "monster Hunter" series latest model and Nintendo Switch of Capcom by which the world total shipment number broke through 8,000,000 "monster Hunter rise"nThere seem to be a new action of the "chastity dragon" etc. which handles "shoumushi" which runs about in a field freely and a monster and former hunters who were being very funny and were just returning to MONHAN after a long time by a work, don't there?nSteam edition sells it on Thursday on January 13, 2022, and sale of extraordinarily large expansion contents "monster Hunter rise: St. break" is waiting in summer in 2022, so it seems still to rise now, doesn't it?nThe preceding opening of a VR attraction "the monster Hunter world: Iced born XR WALK" approached Universal Studios Japan as well as a game on Friday, January 21, 2022, and during attracting attention, a delivery of collaboration Quest with USJ decided by " monster hunter rise"!

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