There are reminiscences into which various lessons were incorporated in every country, aren't there?nWhen it's investigated, they're the slightly philosophy-like contents, but it's gathered and is also a basic as a picture book of a story telling as that's easy to understand for a child.nIt's more famous, but 1 is knowing "Momotarou", in the Japanese reminiscences the number is everyone.nMomotarou born from a peach is the fellow who gets rid of a bad demon in Onigashima. Everyone would read and hear sometime.nA work of much new interpretation was invented because of a work of a big basic and Momotarou of new new interpretation had that so also that you couldn't also finish counting the character which made Momotarou a motif and the work into which setting was incorporated was born.nThe PONOSU corporation familiar by "cat great war" began to deliver "Momotarou failure"!

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