1 of sign works of the weekly boy jump which produces many famous story cartoons "my hero academia"nIt's to the extent the writer who became Mr. Kohei Horikoshi's fan quickly read dokusetsu han of "ouma KE koku zoo" in real time, and read "my hero, academia" original work 1st talk by a jump and sometimes made the this magazine wrinkles of wrinkles by a tear, I remember clearly even now that I was moved.nThe media mix is ​​made an animation, a movie, a performance, a game and novelization as well as an original work animation variously, so the people who knew a work by an animation will be a lot of things, too.nThe "my hero academia" by which even this has been the various game titles, but the new game title was an announcement!nBATROWA of basic play no charge of the first Hiro dirt appears!

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