"Final Fantasy" the manufacturer by which a series, a "Dragon Quest" series, a "Saga" series and "St. sword, legend" series etc. are often dealing with a popular RPG all over the world "SQUARE ENIX"nIt's the manufacturer dealing with a game of the wide genre of course, but aren't there a lot of people strong in an image of an RPG?nIt's a "bravery" series that even the inside with a large number of popular series is very popular in recent years.nWhen it's a worldview of a righteous government fantasy in JRPG, it's apparent first, isn't it?nIt's the "bravery" series which also thinks I appeared recently, but it'll be a 10th anniversary of series this year in 2022. It's early that time has passed.nBut the latest model for smart phone "bravery default Brilliant rights" is released in summer in 2021 as a series 10th anniversary commemoration plan, and advanced registration is being also received via a closed beta test.nSuch as character introduction is opened, new information is announced one after another, so there would be starting service and the person who expects that it's close.nI'm sorry to have kept you waiting! A formal starting service day of "bravery default Brilliant rights" decided at last!

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