Various baseball games are sold, but aren't there most people to imagine the beginning calls a "PAWAPURO" fact "the real condition PAWAPUROPURO baseball" series of Konami, either?n"2020" a large number of e sports events and events put on a crown, and hold "eBASEBALL" in the name, and vanity is the title towing a e sporting world of the baseball game genre.nThe "PAWAPOKE" series latest model "PAWAPUROKUNPOKETTO R" sells 2021 as well as that in 10 after, and then collaboration with "a yuu☆ gi☆ king, DEYUERUMONSUTAZU" announces a "PAWAPOKEAPURI" fact mobile game "the real condition powerful professional baseball " as the first collaboration in 2022, and if, the whole series rises increasingly.nThen next new version of a worrisome one "eBASEBALL powerful professional baseball".nAn update to "2021" has come in April, 2021, but the fan is going to be interested in whether it's that it'll be an update or that a new design goes out to the "2022" version.nIt's off at present in January, so I don't say a pre-season game in February, but by an opening game in March, some, when I thought I wanted an announcement, there was an announcement about a work next time!

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