But one in the mode of a very popular mobile game "the real condition powerful professional baseball" series of Konami which can enjoy "success" anytime and anywhere often plays high "success" of poisoning all the while and it also takes time little. from the starting service even a form of time is very compatible as a mobile game of the smart phone you can play casually, and which is the end of 2014, 7th anniversary. The very popular title into which I burst in the 8th at present.nSuch "PAWAPUROAPURI", but, collaboration charm with various works. I even collaborate on the work to which I completely have no relation in baseball as well as the work which played baseball in a subject with the wide genre.nWhen it was expected that I'd also collaborate Interestingly this year, the first collaboration was an announcement in 2022!nCollaboration with that jump work big-grossing all over the world is held!

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