"The sonic hedgehog" is said to be 30th anniversary and rises in 2021, Sega Enterprises which also invents too many famous story games besides sonic and lt;.n"Virtua fighter" a series and a "a cherry tree, great war" series, "by a dragon, jo KU", a series and "Val in a field, curia" series etc. are the considerable number only by the title which became a big hit in recent years, but when the title of the game machine of Sega Enterprises such as Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and a mega drive is even expanded, it isn't the amount I can finish introducing at all, is it?nThere are an idea that everyone of a development staff is new and an effort in the back where a famous story is made, and the crystal is the reason which becomes many famous story games.nEven if everyone would like to be the member, too, there is going to be a development studio in Tokyo by various circumstances, and I think the person who gives up a dream needs working difficultly, too.nSega Enterprises established a new studio "Sega Enterprises Sapporo studio" for everyone such!

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