Monumental achievement of the confrontation type fight game and "Street Fighter" series of Capcom.n"Rook" of the last additional character is delivered to the latest model "Street Fighter V" on November 29, 2021, and the character of everything is all present.nIt can also be said a meaning performance from this all characters became practicable for which, so rolling will take on and improve!nSuch "Street Fighter" series will be 35th anniversary per 2022 years after the first "Street Fighter" works at an arcade in 1987!nBecause it's a series with long history, there are a large number of characters, all kinds' setting and material of an original as well as a game title.nAnd the place where it's fresh in memory that the exhibition which gathers at one hall and Street Fighter "their world exhibition stronger than me" were held in Fukuoka-shi in 2020.nThat Street Fighter which gave the courage to the world of such Corona misfortune "their world exhibition stronger than me" is held once again in 2022 of a 35th anniversary of series decided!

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