It's the standard DOTTOITOGEMU and when saying a famous story, it's also "Pac-Man" of famous Bandai Namco worldwide, isn't it?nMore than 40 years are also the loved title from birth in 1980 and a new design also keeps being sold and I'm here, so I think everyone has played sometime.nYou also have that "PAC-MAN 99" is delivered in Nintendo Swicth recently and think the play population is also increasing in the young generation.nIt's such a design of Pac-Man, but it's famous talk that a piece of one which broke off becomes a motif from 1 of pizza.nThe background information also matches, and that a writer sees Pac-Man, pizza, I remember, but... there seems to be everyone seen as something just different, too.nThe Iwasaki main shop where headquarters is kept in Nagasaki-ken commercialized the image!

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